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Fatboy Slim. ”No Dad, you’re not allowed to play the music again”

Posted in Fatboy Slim with tags , , , , , , on February 12, 2009 by jacquesrenault

It all started so well.  The crowds were out in force, the lighting, set up, bar service was all up to scratch.  On entering the grassy patch next to Barsati where the Fatboy Slim gig was taking place, it was hard to not be impressed. With the marina buildings and misty full moon hovering over us, the mood was set for a night of credit crunch beating magic.  The local warm up DJs did their job and got the crowd warmed up.  All set.

Then something happened.  10 minutes in to Fatboy Slims set, the spell was broken.  What started with what appeared to be a minor technical hitch soon decended in to a farce.  The entire 1.5 hour set was spent with Mr Norman Cook either shouting at some sound engineer off stage, demanding things like to have a panel erected to block the light or occasionally flailing his arms like a demented old fool.   The illusion was gone.  He didn’t even mix, preferring to just play track after track and then fiddle with a knob in a particularly dramatic way.   Suddenly Fatboy slim wasn’t a hip cutting edge DJ, but a slightly ridiculous aging bloke from Brighton stuck on stage doing something that he didnt feel entirely comfortable doing.

You could see it on everybody’s faces.  We were all thinking the same….If my dad ever started up DJing, this is what it would look like.