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Bloggers are journalists. Or at least they should aspire to be.

Posted in blogging with tags , , , on February 2, 2009 by jacquesrenault

Over the past few days, I have for one reason or another come across Alexander Mcnabb.  He certainly gets around as I’ve heard hi on the radio, seen him talking Dubai on a Piers Morgan UK TV show, come across his blog and today saw his comments in some random media mag.  Alexander seems quite keen to stress one point very firmly, and that is that bloggers are not journalists and should be refered to, as what he calls ”customers”. 

I disagree.  For blogging to survive as a genre (and there is alot of talk about its death) it has to start to live up to journalistic principles.  For me one of the pitfalls of the internet age is that every Tom, Dick and Harry feels that, now they are given the ability to create their own blog, they should be able to get away with writing content that is often boring and uniformitive that does nothing to forward the readers view about the world around them.  For me it doesn’t matter where you’re reading it from, be it a magazine, a newspaper, book OR blog the content should of at least aim to be of a high quality with the principles of a balanced argument in place.


The blogoshere is filled with alot of hot air and its hard to deny that its not.   Readers have to sift through endless mindless expressions about things that no one really cares about because the writer hasnt taken the time or effort to consider what they are writing.  One day in the not so distant future, all writing will be internet based and the boundaries between a journalist and a blogger will have all but disappeared.   Once that happens, it will only be the quality, researched and subststantiated points of view and articles that will get noticed.